Welcome To The European Racing League

We have decided to call the league “The European Racing League”, one reason for this is that as most of you now know the lads from the States and Canada are not going to be invited to race at this point. The main reason for this is that of time zone differences. However we have spoken to a couple of the guys over there and offered the the use of the database so that they can have their own league without time constraints. We woould also like to try and promote a "Transatlantic Series" if we can work out the logistics of it all, but that is for the future.




In the final race of the inaugural season of the Europen Racing League, Sir Top Dog made a clean sweep of the 100% pole positions and 100% wins. Can nobody castrate this puppy?

Full story, pictures and interviews below.

The Race:The night started well with all the regular suspects starting the race plus a guest appearance by xxxBULLDOGxxx and his "boss" Miss Giggles. Fittingly for the last race of the season every rider completed the course, more or less. The qualifying session was nip and tuck with the already crowned champion Sir Top Dog taking pole from H055COWRX and xxxBULLDOGxxx. The race was one of the closest of the season with SIR TOP DOG One out in the end from H055COWRX in second and xxxBULLDOGxxx in 3rd, for full race details click HERE. We managed to get a few quick shots of the post race antics from the top 3 in the Championship, Spacearound took second overall and H055COWRX secured 3rd for full listings of final championship positions click HERE. At the time of going to press we still hadn't managed to get hold of TOP CHAMP to get an interview with him, we couldn't get through his pack of groupies, but we are still trying and when we get it we will bring it to you here. Also difficult to pin down was HO44COWRX who disappeared and was last sean with a rather fat "cigarette" and a few very good looking women heading towards his rather luxurious motorhome, we will tryand get hold of him when he comes out of his cloud, hopefully with a few piccies!!!


Left to Right: H055COWRX - SIR TOP CHAMP - Spacearound


Some guys hey!!!


Somebody should tell these guys that smoking is bad for the health


Here's the one we've all been waiting for: Our very own Top Champ ahs extricated himself from the bevvy of pitlane beauties he took back home with him to give Suzie Perry a (VERY) personal interview, Take it away Suzie!!!

Hey Suzi hows it going. SUZI PERRY EVERYBODY!!!!   WOOP WOOP WANNA CUM back to my motorhome I'll show you my rubber chicken (please don't ban me).First of all I'd just like to point out how useless my team are. So after 2 years of racing in the world scene and having Won the 2007 an 2008 World Championships I was looking for a new Challenge when I see they needed an extra team(they didn't, I just gave fred a little nudge) SO Thanks to fred for making this all possible and getting me a ride in the European Championship. It has been an Amazing season for me and my Team Crappy right from the word go posting a 1.24.37 in the qualifying the fastest ever 2 wheeled lap of Losail this made me very confident for the race to come, maybe even over confident some may say. So after the late night partying that night, sunday soon arrived "RACE DAY". I had a pot noodle(sweet an sour) then I was ready to rumble so there we all were on the Grid waiting for the lights to go out when I realised Oh NO id left my hair gel at home then suddenly the lights went out bang the bike launched off the line, I took the lead into the first turn Bulldog was right behind me I knew I had to put some super fast laps in to break away but the tyres just weren't warmed up what the hell I went for it anyway and then the shock of no hair gel for the podium took my focus off for a moment and I lost the front I tried to pick it up on my knee but I pushed too hard and fell off the otherside. I quickly picked the bike up I managed to get it started and I was off! The red mist came down and I battled my way back up to Bulldog I sat behind him for 2 laps I could see him making errors then he finally cracked and the beauty of his bike in the gravel was a sweet sight but I did'nt have time to hang around,  I twisted the f**k out that baby and boy did she go!! I managed to hold on and Win the Race. It was a great feeling to be at the top after the first race...though I couldnt take off my Purple Helmet due to the Lack of Hair Gel.
My Aim Was to be leading the Championship after the first 6 races to my Surprise I was Unbeaten 6 races later. It was at this point that my girlfriend (Kay) bought me a rubber chicken for a joke just like Rossi's but rubber oh and you see the chicken here first folks Rossi stole my idea :P
To be honest I can not remember most of the races as they was very much a blur my Crappy team was just a waste of space this was all a one man job and his name is Ben  :)   Thanks to my girlfriend for telling me when to stop warming up for races and keeping me sane and eyes on the prize MMMMMMM. My Favourite races this season was Brno because I love the track and it was just such an amazing buzz to Dominate the race!   Also Sepang was Amazing I was setting 1.31s in the Wet practise but only managed a 1.33 to get Pole which I was anoyed at myself with so much so that I Crashed in the first lap leaveing me way down the order this was a new experience in the Wet Conditions for me And was very enjoyable to race back up through the pack in the wet eventually manageing to tint fellow Racer Hossco's armor leaveing me no choice but to win the race.
Its a Great honour to Win the First ever European Racing league at estoril though more so a relief as the 3rd stage of the season having such tracks as Motegi, Phillip Island and Sepang what I class as my weak tracks. I was more than happy to wrap the title up in Spain. There is One race which stands out for me and that was Phillip island my Ducati was running well and I took pole with a 1.06, though there was oil on the track meaning the session had to be stopped and the race was delayed. As the Riders got ready to rumble the Grid was tense, I was forced to start from the back of the grid after not making it back in time on my warm up lap.
The lights went out I tryed to get a good start but I made a rider error by spinning the rear wheel I got along side Sladoos in the first turn but hit the side of his bike which left me with no room but to run off at 180mph!!! Dropping the bike at just 20mph AMAZINGLY I managed to save it and recovered back onto the track leaveing me almost stone dead last. I thought it was all over but then I see riders I was catching back up. I had some awesome battles with my fellow racers such as Sladoos, MR2TBAR and SpacearounD after half the race of sheer on the limit racing I had 1st in my sights the laps was running out there was no way passed! Hossco was doing a Pro's job of defending the 1st he held me off for 2 laps before I started to make a serious move thats when we touched fairings!!! I tryed to pass him on the inside of Honda corner but he shut the door this was making me nervous of the laps counting down and the possibility of me loseing my 100% Win rate so late in the season. I was faster in parts of the track so I knew if I could just get a bike length in front then I would be able to extend a lead I kept trying to pass but Hossco was really making it a nightmare to pass!!   My only option was to get a good run out of the last turn to be able to get on his back wheel for a draft. I planned this about 3 laps before the end it was time to strike! My bridgestone tyres gave me there last burst of grip and my Ducati shot out the last corner passing Hossco on the straight after he lead the race for so long. I managed to make a 5 seconds gap over 3 laps to Win the Race!!
I Would like to thank my team (team crappy) for getting my bike ready each week and helping me achieve this GREAT MILESTONE of 100% poles and Wins and becoming the undefeated Champion for 2009!!!!!!  :)   Also a big thanks to my  sponsors and Purplebull helmets.
Thank You to all my fellow racers for all the respect you have all given me over the season and its been a true pleasure to race with you all each week!!  :)  THANKS!!!!
Im currently looking at a contract involving a new Project with llmor..

You heard it here first folks!!!!!


We managed to get a quick (???) word with Spacearound after he consolidated his runner-up spot in the Cahmpionship, here is his interview in full.

2nd Place in the 1st European League SpacearounD:

"I am extremely happy, as my whole team felt that this was the maximum possible result with a unbeatable opponent like Ben. For us it was a difficult championship right from the start as we missed the first race at Losail due to the fact that the FIM forgot to inform our team about the rescheduling. But, luckily that problem was resolved after the FIM granted us 2 racing points. Not perfect, but satisfactory. Then we had a great start at Jerez finishing 2nd which nobody really expected as everybody knows about our budget problems and the fact that our bike is not equipped with a traction control unit. At that time we got no factory support whatsoever, but we just managed to find a great setup. When the season unfolded we had a unforgettable pole position and race win at Istanbul despite the fact that we always struggle at that track. As a rider I can say I still don't like the track, but that was a perfect race weekend, and a very emotional victory. After that moment we got some parts from the factory which made it possible for us to shine once more when we were victorious at Le Mans. Then we started testing some new parts but I didn't feel comfortable with most of the parts. The engineers told me that I just had to double tap the button which they attached next to the throttle to make me powerslide around the corners using the traction control unit to it's full potential. Well, everybody read in the media what happened next. The factory engineers were furious when I refused to use the traction-control unit they designed as I felt it wasn't fair to other riders. In my opinion the bike should be controlled by a synergy of human and machine with as little electronic aid systems as possible. But, as more and more riders were successfully using the new traction control units it was extremely difficult to continue getting decent race results. In the meantime my team tried to fight the regulations in order to ban the traction control devices, but we never were able the convince the FIM. Nevertheless, we tried to remain positive and consistence during the following difficult races at Mugello, Catalunya, Donington and Assen all finishing 4th. Then Sachsenring, Laguna and Misano podiums boosted our confidence which we tried to hold on to. In between we had bad luck at BRNO when one rider who had technical difficulties crashed me twice which made me finish outside the podium. Finally a great race at Estoril were we had to fight back from last to 2nd after I was crashed at 1st corner again due to a unfortunate racing accident. Then the factory stopped all development and we started to have trouble keeping the bike running because we didn't receive the spare parts on time. Our bad luck continued at Motegi and Philip Island as the bike had a faulty transponder which made us cross the line in second, but the transponder timing was faulty but still the official timing. But racing is racing, and there is little you can do, you know? My guys tried everything to keep the bike running.until the end of the season with very little spare parts at Sepang. When the rain started we tried to have a stable as possible setup, and we used a wheelbase of 1600 to increase stability. That resulted in a solid 3th place when others were suffering with grip problems. Finally, at Valencia we secured the vice world championship after a great battle finishing the season on a high."

"I would like to express my gratitude to the team, my girlfriend Joyce, and especially our 2 cats who were utmost supporting as they didn't walk in front of my (wind)screen too often during the races. This year was amazing, and I'm sure we will be stronger next year, especially because everybody will have to deal with the new regulations when the new software [MotoGP 09/10] will arrive in March 2010 which will be uploaded into our bike CPU-units which hopefully makes the races more equal and probably increase the close battles our spectators love so much. Thank you all!"



No wonder we can't get hold of the champ we caught some sneek pictures of him testing his new bike for next season and how good it looks too. Just one big no 1, but no sponsors decals as yet, rumour has it he has a couple of big name sponsors for next season!!!

No1 a



We finally caught up with Hoss, just before he rolled another fat one, he graciously granted us an audience so that we could get his slant on the season's proceedings, We also got a few pictures of his bike, just for good measure.

Well, what a mighty fine show of a true chomp... Mean champ! Haha.... Sir hotdog. Well done,. As for number2...spacearound what can i say bUt congratulations for sure I'll be drinkin his bubbly next season. Well the season got off to good start and consistantly produced good results. Obviously there were few misshaps,but no point cryin over spilt gearbox oil. I'd like to thank the man that made it possible and all the team behind the scenes. Fred...thanx  t-bar n sue for putting the time and effort into the site. Many thanks again... Id also like to thank my dad, mum bt shes dead haha and especially my girlfriend who watched my wee man andrew whilst i was up against topdog the witch on his rocket broomstick. Well im away to drink my 3rd place can of irn-bru. See yous all nxt season. All the best...HO55COWRX

hoss1 hoss2




And Finally.

Thanks to everybody who joined us throughout the season, thanks to Fredgrunge for starting it all off, Thanks to those who persevered and made it all worthwhile.

Thank you for the fun that every race gave us, thanks to everybody that hosted rooms and put up with "late issues" on the night. Thanks for the input & advice from everybody that gave it or offered it. Thanks to all those who caused controversy, it all added to the spice and made it just like the real thing.

A final big thank you to my wife FireCrackerDB9 for putting up with me whilst I did updates on the web , sorted out "issues" and spent lots of time ignoring her whilst doing it all.


Thank you ladies and gentlemen ALL