Rules of Play


To all of you guys that have joined us in the League, this page is dedicated to the rules of play. Lets all have a good time and enjoy the racing!

We have decided to call the league “The European Racing League” and as in any game you have to have rules, therefore listed below are the rules that we suggest we try for the first season.

Rooms open prompt at 21:00hrs UK Time for 10 minutes qualifying.

Racing starts at 21:15 hrs UK Time, each race will be of a 10 lap duration.

Track Cheats: Any player who uses a track cheat during a race or practice will automatically be removed from the results of that race and all riders below will be moved up in points. Cheating will automatically incur a yellow card for a first offence, a second offence will automatically incur a red card an expulsion from the league for the emainder of the season.

  • The date and time of each race is posted on the web site the day before the race.
  • The hosts for the next race are posted on the web site the day before the race.
  • The Riders in each room are posted on the web the day before the race
  • Where there is less than 5 riders in a room only one goes up and one goes down
  • Anybody who fails to show can remain in the league but their score for that race is zero


  1. Race days Monday & Thursday
  2. Qualifying will start prompt at 07:45 GMT race starts at 08:00
  3. Late comers will not be able to enter the race and get zero points
  4. The competition will consist of a league four rooms 1 – 4 respectively
  5. After each race the top Three will move up and the bottom three will move down
  6. To start the season the aim is to have 9 players in each room
  7. Qualifying time will be ten minutes, a race will consist of 10 laps.
  8. An administrator will have been nominated and he will enter the results into the database
  9. A host will be nominated for each room
  10. In the event of a host moving rooms the departing host will ask for a host from the remaining players in his room
  11. The host of each room will pass the results of his room to the administrator

Foul Play

  1. Any player seen deliberately crashing into another player he will receive zero points a red card and will be banned from the next race.
  2. If a competitor receives 2 red cards he will banned for the rest of the season.
  3. Any player seen cutting corners or trying to cheat in any way including misuse of the microphone ie. Trying to put another player off he will receive a yellow card and get zero points.
  4. If a player has a yellow card and commits aanother form of foul play in the same season he will receive a red card will, get zero points and a red card and as in Rule 2 will be banned for the rest of the season.

   The Host will act as the Referee and it will be his decision to whether or not Cards are issued against  any player.